Salt and Sugar

Since Biesterfeld’s formation in 1906, salt has played a significant role in the company’s development. Today, as a partner of a leading global salt manufacturer, we supply customers of various industries throughout the world – reliably and fast.

Biesterfeld International combines classic trade with individual consulting and supports customers in the realization of individual applications. (with the implementation of individual..)

Our delivery program, supplied exclusively by Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals B.V, comprises the entire range of products and covers various applications, such as: table salt, pharmaceutical salt, salt for water treatment  and salt for livestock.

All salt brands supplied by Biesterfeld stand for premium quality and are well recognized in their respective regions.
The brands Salina®, Nezo®, Jozo®, Suprasel®, Sanal®, KNZ® salt licks and Broxo® meet the highest European quality standards.

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